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Fluid Services at New Hub Auto

There are essentially 5 fluids needed to keep your vehicle running smoothly. First, your engine oil. In time, it gets dirty and breaks down as it traps metal and soil in its filter.

Second, your vehicle’s transmission fluid. It should never be low. We can check it and it should be red and not smell. Third, your vehicle’s coolant. Also called anti-freeze, it keeps vehicle temperatures cool to extend the engine life.

Fourth is your brake fluid. You can image how important this is. It should be replaced approximately every 2 years. And finally, fifth, the vehicle’s power steering fluid. Have this fluid checked often and replaced every 50,000 miles.

At New Hub Auto, we want to be your preferred dealer-alternative ready to save you money on the cost of every service, maintenance and repairs we provide. Your vehicles warranty is always preserved. Call us today during our business hours.

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